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Don’t let your professional headshot make you look like a dud – make sure to tell YOUR story.

Many professionals seem to neglect their headshots. And in this day in age, if you have an online presence (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or website), it’s important to capture WHO you are. 

Does this mean your headshot needs to be some stuffy headshot with seemingly perfect lighting with a monotone background? NO. Headshots are intended to show who you are and communicate your personality. 

Take a moment to look at your headshot

Does it convey who you are? Does it share your story with who is seeing it? Our fun, affordable process makes it easy for you to share your story. 

I was recently on assignment at Winona State University to take headshots for faculty. Each wanted to capture their own story and I took different approaches to showcase the person in front of the camera. 

From an assistant dean of the liberal arts program to theatre faculty, each needed to convey who they are in a different way.

Here are three examples from the project that showcase their own stories.

Yes, you can approach me 

A 20-year career at the university should showcase an illustrious tone that also is dynamic enough to show the human side of the person.

Use of a stoned and natural background that is faded softens and humanizes the person. The idea behind this shot was to portray the person as an approachable leader. 

Theatre state of mind

Theatre headshots are a whole different animal. You want to show a casual and creative personality while also helping the viewer get to know the person behind the character on stage or film. 

Use of bright colors to contrast the neutral background show the creativity of this person. The intimacy of the close-up angle brings the viewer in to see who this person really is as they watch them on stage or listen to a lecture.

Modern for the millennials

This headshot of a mass communication professor at the university conveys a modern teaching approach. It relates to college students who are pursuing a mass communication degree and who are likely to be modern trend-setters.

Framed up lines in the background shares her story of being modern and knowledgeable of current communication concepts. Capturing professionalism but also conveying a connection to a younger generation was a goal in this headshot. She can use it for speaking engagement promotions or collateral that shares her story with students.

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