Nature poses deep in the woods

The Wisconsin northwoods show the wonder of planet earth through the lens.

Nature is a thing of beauty. It’s one of my favorite things to photograph. You can capture a moment that will never happen again. Thousands of plants and trees, millions of inches of dirt, and who knows how many gallons of water. All elements of the world that often get taken for granted.

I’ve taken the last few months during the world pandemic to reconnect with what the earth has to offer. These photographs from a recent project show nature’s power of giving you solitude and showing the significance of nature.

Nature’s wonder from above

The site of nature from above is so powerful. Aerial perspectives give an understanding on how small humans really are in this world. Took the opportunity during a property shoot to get a different perspective. Shot in northern Wisconsin, with a DJI Mavic Pro, these photos show how an expansive cabin property is relatively small in comparison to the surrounding landscape of a forest.

A lumberjack’s world

This cabin property was once a logging site. I wanted to focus this project on paying homage to the history of the site and looking to the present time. I found this axe stuck in chopping block log. Took a few pictures of it alone. Something was missing. Dressed it up a bit by adding this chopped logged behind the axe. Nothing wrong with a staged photo.

A slight detour

Projects are great. They give you a clear purpose on what to photograph and how to set things up. However, nothing is better than just taking a camera and freely shooting scenes, people or objects. Just gives you a creative outlet to explore new techniques and take photos that you think are stunning. This is what happened after the cabin shoot. Drove to a Copper Falls State Park in Wisconsin. And what ensued was some of my favorite photos I have taken in a long time. Sun beams through the woods, winding trails and epic water falls all created a photographer playground for a few hours.

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