Purple Bloom First Edition sprouts at an Eagan Art House exhibit

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Andy Gardner Photography’s Purple Bloom First Edition print showcased in the Eagan Art House Emergence: Rising exhibit.

Eagan, MN – Andy Gardner Photography’s (AGP) Purple Bloom is one of many dozen artworks to be showcased through July 6 at the Eagan Community Center. It's part of the Emergence: Rising exhibit to showcase art collections that explore transformation and the act of coming into view, rebirth and materialization.

“My goal is to create a unique perspective into one moment that can’t ever be captured again,” says Andy Gardner, owner AGP. “Sharing dreamlike moments through my lens, my perspective and my emotions gives me an opportunity to help people see something spectacular they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to experience.”

One key feature to Purple Bloom is the detail of the light shining through the forest walls onto the plant.

“As I walked by and noticed this stellar blooming plant in Northern Wisconsin, I thought that would be an awesome moment to capture,” says Andy. “I sat there for about a half hour taking dozens of photos of what I thought would be the one but none were close. The light was never right. Then came this breeze that shifted a few branches and let in light that illuminated almost the entire plant. Even better the light showcased the background allowing me to capture some depth. Then bam I hit that shutter and got it.”

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